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Be Still and Listen.

You there.
With camouflaged heart
armed sentries guarding the moat
you’ve filled with ten thousand tears.

You there.
Who seldom smile
lest the beauty of your wounded warrior soul
appear bare naked
in divining light.
You there.
Of weary spirit
driftwood memories
smoldering in desert sands
searing the soles
of one soldiering on.
You there.
Of passionless daydreams
suicide steering
into doldrums of doom.
You there.
Choking on melancholic bile
despair’s aroma
layered yet upon tufts of hopes.
You there.
Simply be still.
Take care and listen
as the cicadas hum
the soulful song of your rebirth.
Take care and listen
as the hummingbird’s Lilliputian wings
break the silence of your dark night
into glistening shards
and harken you back
to journeys of joy.
Take care and listen
as the rushing river
smooths the jagged edges of acerbic days.
Take care and listen
as a choir of wolves
howl a fierce “new day” song
and devour your sorrows farewell.
Take care and listen
as your heart faithfully drums
an archaic beat
joining you forever to the pulse of life
and reminding you of the gift of self-compassion.
Be still and listen.
Listen again and again.
Live again and again.
Love again and again.
Take care and listen.

Carol Reedy Rogero