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A heart’s tale: True Love

True love. A concept that has been with us since we have been around. It’s been marketed, packaged, celebrated. On my journey of the heart I have given this mysterious, and told, wondrous concept a great deal of feeling and thought.

It seems to me that most, including myself have always seemed to be out of reach of this amazing phenomenon because we’ve missed the point of it. “True love” holds a missed word. Truth. And this is the word that gets miss interpreted every time I feel.

Love in itself is true, a feeling, an action, a thought given to ourselves and others. It’s joy, and happiness and harmony, felt on a friend, and family level, felt on a romantic, and passionate level.

True love though, lies in truth. To actually share the truth of our being with another. This is the vulnerability of who we are at the our core. The darkest corners, the lightest rooms, and the fifty shades of grey in between.

To trust, and allow someone else to see all of it, and give them the freedom to accept or reject us on that level. Why will most people never find true love? Because they do not truly love themselves. Because they reject the dark corners, the flaws, the imperfections within themselves. They simply do not embrace themselves, and strive to be someone they are not out of fear of someone rejecting them for who they are.

We get bombarded with happy fairy thoughts and quotes everyday, and how to strive to be the best person we can be, and that negative thoughts and feelings are bad, that we should let go of the past, and move forward, etc, etc.

What I think eludes most of us is the truth that every positive and negative action we have ever gone through or engaged in has given us the wisdom, the strength and weakness of who we are. More than not, the negative has defined us with individual character than the positive.

To trust, and allow someone to embrace it all. To be vulnerable at our core, even through the fear of rejection, and more importantly. To be able to be honest and completely truthful with the one who has allowed you this truth, the freedom to reject what might not be accepted by your own heart, and walk away. Too many have attempted to manage another’s feelings by simply avoiding the negatives, not talking about it, etc, etc. A prime example of this, is when the “emotional bomb” has gone off, and the response is “I didn’t want to hurt you”. That usually causes more pain than the the original truth. Enough babbling. In summary;

Embrace the truth of who you are, and this means all of it. Have strength that your past has defined who you are now, and the actions of your present define who you will become. Truly love yourself, and others will truly love you