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Beckoning paths

Too sensitive too much heart
It could be presumed
This will be your downfall
They chuckle and kackle
You feel too much
It’s just a hassle
Or could it be
does this have to be an undoing
You’ll run
They all said you would
Or or or
Could what others see
Just mean it was
A jump judgment
This may be your strength
A complexity seen negatively
Or it’s just your capability
To be adaptable
That put simply
Gave you the gumption
To put up with life’s
So many curveballs
Let go of the image
That’s been thrust upon
You did it now
There’s a fairy tail
It could be yours ..somehow
Behind ever facade cast
Is an exciting depth of journeys
This won’t be easy
It’s just now peaking out
Behind every mask of doubt
There’s a joyous story
Just awaiting to be found out
this love mystery
It’s yours to unfold