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Diary of first love.

I just saw her today, my reaction was, wow! I got smitten by her attitude. I kept wondering, who is this amazing creature in front of me. I kept seeing her for many days.. Should i talk her? What will she think of me… It all stared playing in my head .

She was two years elder to me but I didn’t care, because she was cute.  So, after thinking about it a lot I made up my mind and told her best friend, you know what? That girl is very cute and i want to talk to her. She insisted, tell her about your feelings… She won’t mind..

It was hard to believe that she would still talk to me even after knowing how i feel about her. Just to clarify, I had no intention of asking her out. I just i wanted to talk to her, yes i was super confused at that time and also very new to this gf-bf thing.

Meanwhile, I kept talking to her best friend about her and her best friend got really annoyed… She said, why do you keep talking to me about her. Just go tell her, she won’t mind trust me. I was like OKAY I’ll change the topic now. Her friend coudn’t resist and told my crush how I felt. I had mixed feelings about the situation, I was excited that she knew about me but I was sad at the same time because she might think of me as a roadside romeo.

One day, someone in the group made me talk to her and I my heartbeat just started racing.  I was shivering, it was the first time I saw her so closely. That was a high time for me. I just said Hi and ran from there .

Now that she knew about me, I was scared. She gave me a neutral look every time I saw her.  Meanwhile, everyone in college got to know about us, so she had to go through unnecessary teasing… That made me feel very guilty.

I didn’t know what to do and was worried because it was her final year and she would soon leave. If I didn’t start talking to her now, I would never know what she is like. I didn’t want my questions to go unanswered. I decided to go up to her, say sorry for everything and just be friends. I can’t explain how I prepared myself to do that.

I went up to her, it was just the second time we spoke. That’s when I got to know something important: She is a open minded person. She didn’t care about all the teasing. The next few days we became Hi,hello friends.. But it was good enough for me. Then she accepted my friend request on Facebook and we started talking.

I got to know a lot about her. Now whenever she smiles at me, time stops and I feel like I’m on top of the world. When you admire someone you are just stunned by their every action… The way she walks, the way she talks, her pikachu like voice… 

This is was what I got to know about her ..

She is a very free spirited person. She does not get influenced by other people. I think she must be the ambassador of the new generation. She taught me to always love yourself whatever the circumstances. The best thing about my generation I feel, is we don’t judge anyone by physical appearance but by how original they are. If everyone started being like her, there would be no awkwardness or inferiority complexes in the world.

I feel bad I misunderstood her at first, I wish I would have been more mature at the time .

Whenever I think about her, the depressing atmosphere around me vanishes. *This happened when my exam results came in. I had failed in one subject- k.t in engineering language. When I got my results, my parents lost faith in me. They treated me like I was good for nothing for the first few days. Then her birthday came. I decided to write her a beautiful message and when I started writing, I just forgot everything that had happened the previous day. Writing to her and then waiting for her reply took me to a new world .

Now she has left college. I still have a great time when we talk. You know, the conversations that make you want to freeze time forever. She keeps inspiring me. I think that is what love is about: Inspire and get inspired.

I now really don’t care about the bf, gf, or best friend tags. As long as we talk to each other, share what’s new in life, share little secrets… I do however hope we  meet again someday, somewhere…

These are my adventures of falling in love. Have a crush yourself and take the rollercoaster ride… It’s a very beautiful feeling .

Thank you.
* my writing might be immature,but it came straight from the heart*