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Finding Clear Clarity.

Sometimes you cannot except monotony

Don’t be scared of expectations of inevitability
Let the light come into your heart
Strive for it to over take the dark
Don’t let questioning become the death of whom
You are destined to be
Be the adaptation with accountability
You are important but everything isn’t always just about you really
Questioning yourself can drive you crazy
Think about it though……….
Letting go
Can be your ultimate control
But doing so can be one arduous thing
Embrace it now
You will never know
How much time is left
Sometimes you’re to close
To see what it is
That you really need
That clouds and shapes just exactly what it is you see
Get out of your own way
Feel your feelings
Of the person you can or will be
Worrying does nothing
But affect your soul negativity
Your heart, what you love
Does not unfortunately come for free
Finally now your learning
The precious Price that is PRIVACY