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Why you did not yet attract the love of your life!

I studied all kind of relationships I got close since ever and I think I kind of always will do this.

It’s just so fabulously interesting that people get together and share love. All the things that can grow out of this connection are so amazing to me.

So here’s a little something personal: About 7 years ago I broke up with a guy who I was crazy in love and obsessed with. He was the thoughest and at the same time sweetest man I ever met. (Until then).

He had more than one side. He was able to beat me and the next second he gave me chills when he told me that I was the only one he ever would ever let so close to his heart. I felt so flattered. Oh yes, which young girl would not?  He was able to make me laugh so hard about stupid little stuff and the next second telling me out of the blue that he needed some real distance.

Another break up with him. It was for sure not the first I went through with him. But this time it felt different. I felt that he and I, we both went much to far. So I decided to let go. 

I was really in a bad place. I was so unsure of myself, did not approve of me, had no real background support and felt left alone without him. I went through a pretty bad phase without him. But then suddenly I started to see the light. And my love for this beautiful life awakened again.

Why am I telling you this? I tell you about this situation so you see what kind of relationship this was, it was an abusive one! And I also would like to tell you that if you’ve ever gone through such a relationship that there is a way to move on. That there is so much more than these kind of relationships in this world. I want to empower you to stand up for yourself, to go out and find real love and deep connection.

Today I call myself a happy mom and I am married to my wonderful soulmate. I did win my jackpot in the lottery, that’s true. But I worked for it as well. And your jackpot is waiting for you out there too, I just know that!

But here comes the most important thing when it comes to relationships.

We often are internally attached to our past relationships. This can be with anyone, but if we are still attached to something and someone from our past, we do not have the space to create some new meaningful love connection into our present. How could we? Would you you sit on a occupied seat loaded with lots of baggage? No, you could not if you wanted. So I believe the number one rule why people are not in a new happy relationship (only if they really would want to be in one) is that the fucking seat is not empty. You could not even offer a seat if you would like to. So here’s what I did. I went through all the tough relationships in my life and released myself from these people.

As of this particular exboyfriend above mentioned. I choose to meet him and to clean up our past, ever since I feel my marriage going stronger and that I released so much with my ex. It was a nice meetup. I am thankful for this experience. And I am even more thankful that I decided to clear my past issues.

I expanded the cleaning onto various other relationships. Also the one with my father. And there are several ways to clean up. I sometimes did it via a personal talk and a much needed hug, sometimes I did it only for myself by writing a bad letter which I would burn down after and sometimes I’d just send out an email to say I am sorry for my behaviour and I forgive the other people as well. Sounds simple? It is! But hey, it’s so powerful and does make a difference.

I wish you a wonderful time cleaning up. Sometimes we just have to clear and clean up past situations. Even if it is only for us. Maybe this is a sign for you. To step into your true nature and do whatever is meaningful and safe for you and the other person. I promise you this will give you lots of space for new love and life!