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The old man lay, alone at last

His heart did ache, for friends long past

His eyes did wander, to a time long gone

A war that ended, but still lingers on

Thinking back slowly, a smile did spread

Across his lips, and heart it led

His friends so young, and filled with hope

They dreamed of life, and prayed they cope

They laughed so free, their dreams they laid

For life ahead, such plans they made

But dreams did end, for some, not all

When war stepped in, and friends did fall

A time of hope, seemed far away

For soldiers left, and so they’d pray

For life beyond, this time of fear

No time to mourn, no single tear

The old man wept, and wished he’d see

His comrades lost, but no longer be

His heart did yearn, for times long past

When friendships forged, forever would last

The old man stopped, his eyes now wide

For stood before him, was a vision of pride

He wiped his eyes, now filled with tears

His heart beat faster, but not with fears

For stood before him, were friends long passed

They smiled so warmly, reunited at last

One soldier smiled, and stood close to the bed

Extending his hand, to the light the man led

The old man smiled, in his heart was no fear

He knew he was safe, with his friends oh so dear

He stood with no pain, in his body so old

And joined those he lost, whose hands he could hold

As friends they did walk, to the light straight ahead

Together once more, the young soldier said

The old man stopped, and turned one last time

To see the old life, he had left behind

Seeing his smile, as though in sleep

The old man turned, with the memories he’d keep

No longer tired, and feeling no pain

The young soldier walked, with his friends once again

United in friendship, their destiny in sight

The soldiers strode proudly, into the light

Michelle Slichter

Copyright 17 June 2005