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Love your Soulmates.

In this moment, at this place. I have a need to write. I have a need to write about you, oh you. You’ve had a big place in my life and in my heart for a while. And I’m so glad and deeply proud of having let you go.

Through you, I saw me. With you, I met me. I am forever grateful.  You were my soulmate, one of my soulmates at this moment in time. I’ve loved you for all you had to offer me, which is You. I’ve loved you, and I’ve loved me for conquering the fear of loving you, the shame of possibly being rejected, embarrassed, misunderstood and abandoned. But, because of you and because of me, and because of the impossibility of a WE, I had to find the strength.

In this strength, I found more beauty in me. Thank you for that beautiful gift of being you in this world, so it could allow me to find my ways back to Me.

Much love & gratitude. <3