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I am a lover of love.

My name is Shannon Mujica. I am a lover of love. I think the site is beautiful and I’d love to contribute.


I fell in love with myself 6 months ago.

I didn’t feel the swirly buzz of a love-struck poet

I felt loss and I cried for days, weeks, maybe a full month I’m not sure but I let go of everything that was holding me down.  I said my goodbyes to the people I clung to so tightly I was sure they would always drip from my limbs like sap on tree bark.

I fell in love with myself

I walked in the open air and laughed at my own jokes, I cooked delicious meals just for me, I devoured books, I forgave myself, I practiced being kind… to ME, I opened my heart and poured out my requests to the universe because I deserve LOVE.

I slowly emerged from my cocoon and opened my beautiful Mariposa wings. I sat in the sun as they dried and my colors became vibrant

I felt beautiful.

I felt LOVE

I remained open and watched as the world changed around me.  Light swirled and my inner song played so loudly that I danced freely wherever I went.

Being in love never felt so right .

Until now.