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All in. // Poetry

I’ve noticed many things
Like the way his eyes wrinkle
At the corners
When his mouth breaks into
A smile and how
His deep laugh
Makes my insides vibrate with
And how — I’d forgotten I had
The creatures with wings
Inside of me, hibernating
Or maybe just waiting
Actually I thought they’d died
From lack of nourishment
From that kind of soul love
I built up walls and knew I’d be
Alright on my own
Told myself my story was just
Different and stopped writing
The pages to manifest hope
Superficially trying
Posting heart space for rent
To fill a void
And yet the walls stayed
Grew higher and higher
I’m no stranger to love and lust
Knowing joy and recognizing
A good heart
A true heart
I guess I’m still surprised
That I found that light again
In those smiling eyes
I’ve noticed much
And know now
We manifest life
We create it
I’m all in
I am
All in