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Helly Luv : Hello Love !

She has received death treaths by iraqi islamists after the release of her single « Risk it all ». They condemned the video because of her outfits judged ‘provocative’ and her ‘suggestive’ postures. Guys, if you can’t handle a little sexy, just look the other way ! She knew the video would do just that but she felt attacked for the wrong reasons. She feels she is speaking up for a new generation in her country.

The video shows her in high heels, henna on her hands dancing and miming guns on an electro beat. She has reached more than 3 million views on Youtube. Her music, although very modern, carries a political message ! The video was shot at Erbil the capital of Iraqi kurdistan, with syrian kurd refugees. A clear message for the indepedance of the region. She considers herself a nationalist. She is proud of the Kurdish flag and wants to always fight for independance and justice. She is the Kurdish M.I.A, born at the time where chimical attacks were ordered by the Iraqi regime, attacks which decimated Kurdish villages. She fled the Iran-Irak war to Finland, led by her mother, a former peshmergas fighter before moving to Los Angeles to have a carreer in the music industry. She has worked with producers such as The Dream (Rihanna, Beyoncé) before signing with G2 label and returning to Kurdistan.


She always dreamt of being the first Kurdish popstar. Her close circle is worried about her choices and political messages, she simply answers « it’s time ». In a degraded political climate this might be a changing point for Kurds. The control of oilfields Kirkouk and Mossoul by the peshmergas means autonomous export of petrol. The situation has given a slim chance to the president of the region who requested a referendum beginning of July 2014 on the right to autodetermination. This has been a dream of more than a century for a population who might have found the popstar to embody it !