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Letter from a prisoner (n°2)

* The prisoner & his family members names have been modified for privacy reasons. The entire letter is his words. Grammar, punctuation and spelling have not been modified. To read letter n°1, click here

March 22nd , 2007


How are you? First off, I sincerely hope this letter finds you in good health and all is going well! As for me I’m doing ok just staying strong  and keeping my head up. I just got your letter and picture last night! Thank you for taking time out to write me again! Your letter had me smiling and shed a little light.

It’s crazy on the time your letter came, I was laying down on my bed looking up at the ceiling when your letter came thinking don’t no one write but my mom an little sister! I was kind of stressing, but it’s crazy that a letter from someone I’m just meeting took the stress off, huh?  I never received your response or picture a few months ago. I just thought I said something you didn’t like and wasn’t feeling me. I wanted to write you to see what was going on but I didn’t want you to think I was one of them weirdo stalkers for real! But I’m glad you wrote and of course I want to continue to communicate with you. I think you a cool nice girl!

You said you been wanting to write but you got caught up in your studies and health problems. All good, studies come first and especially health. I understand! What was your health problem? Are you okay now? You said I should be getting stamps? Thank you I truly appreciate it! I promise I will use every one of them to write you with. I should get them soon. I really need them! Anyway, how I been holding up lately? I’ve been alright these last few months my cousin killed his self, my other cousin had a motorcycle accident and now is brain dead. Then on top of that a friend of mine wrote me, then 2 weeks later he was shot and killed. I was sick!

It all happened around christmas time. Crazy huh? Where I grew up it’s crazy Lils. On the bright side though i just turned 21, February 8th. I’m getting old! My mom sent me a card. How old are you again? My mom’s name is Darnice and my little sister’s name is Shannon. Don’t worry about being too curious. I don’t have anything to hide life is too short for that! Feel free to ask me anything on any level! I think that’s the best way to build a solid friendship by being real and open with each other! You feel me? My mom and sis are taking my situation real tough, when they come visit me I can see tears in their eyes! I try to tell them don’t stress or cry because if they stress I stress! They know that we are all we have.

I was very overprotective over the women in my family! But my sister said at least she can have a boyfriend now (smile). Because If I was at home I’ll give her boyfriend a hard time.  Hahahah. Do I have a girlfriend? No, I wish I did. I told her to leave me alone because she lied too much about small stuff. I’m this type of person, whatever I’m involved in, I’m going to be honest, loyal and real! No matter what and always be there through thick and thin. You know? What type of girl I Iike? I don’t care about race, that’s dumb. I like a girl who is real, loyal, caring like myself! Not too skinny not too big! Smell good (smile), so when I hug and kiss her I melt! Open minded, fun, don’t care what people think, not too shy. I like a girl who can talk about anything.

I like for my girlfriend to feel free around me. Don’t have to wear make up, let her hair down and just cool. I feel you when you said you hope “métis” (mixed race) is our future in society, then people will stop being blind and ignorant! If you notice mixed couples make beautiful babies and have good relationships! What do you like in a boy? Do you have a boyfriend? That’s cool you want to adopt and indian and african baby. I dig that! Do you plan on having some kids of your own one day? That’s good you don’t care what people think because then you know who you are. You in business school! So you’re a good girl and smart girl (smile). Do you know where you will be going if you came to the US in a few years?

As vice president of a hip hop association what do you do? Can you dance? Them other students probably don’t like hip hop because they can’t understand it. Or deep down they really like it. Who’s your favorite artist? I like 2Pac. Also R&b. What is house music? I never heard french music.

You asked how I spend my days? Well if I have a good book I read, then I exercise 5 days a week, watch a little TV, day dream and just try to stay ouf of this craziness in here. But now since you wrote me I have something to focus on.

I just realized something on your picture. You have your eyebrow and nose pierced. That’s cool I dig that! I only have my left ear pierced. A little tattoos. Do you have any? I know it’s a lot of questions! Let me know more about you! Like your birthday? How tall are you? I’m 6 foot 3 about 200 pounds, in shape. I usually have a bald head or low cut. I have not had a lot of girlfriends because I been in here since I was 16 (2002). Believe it or not I use to be shy. Not anymore! Do your piercings mean anything? You asked what can you send. About books, a book store will have to send them. What type of books do you like to read? Lils I really don’t like asking for stuff. You know? You know what I can get if you decide to send me anything, that will be your choice to make, you know. But whatever you decide to send it will be highly appreciated. And I will be very grateful. You can put all that stuff in one enveloppe as long as it doesn’t pass the limit.

Well miss Lils, I’m going to let you go hang out with your friends and have fun because we still young. I honestly look forward to our correspondance growing into a beautiful thing. Stay safe, stay up and stay focused on your goals.

Write back soon.