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Meet Dasha Romanova – Yoga Teacher – From Russia with Love

Could you tell me about yourself ?

Yes absolutely. What would you like to know ? On a serious note, I think this would be my answer : http://heartcoremind.com/meet-dasha

How did you discover yoga ?

My mum literally ‘forced’ me to my first ever yoga class.

What was your first impression of yoga ?

I did not like it ; I felt uncomfortable about the whole thing, including bare feet (I was a gym kind of person at that time so socks and trainers was my thing !).

What yoga do you practice personally ? and teach ?

I practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. I teach in the light of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga tradition and I also like to work with Vinyasa sequences and I enjoy both collective and private classes.


How did you further your approach and learnings to become a ‘teacher’ ?

Through personal practice (trial and error method J), various workshops and of coure comprehensive teacher training.

How often do you practice yoga ?

On a daily basis but practice of course can vary. One day I can feel really great physically and my body ‘is willing’ to go a little bit futher ; and some other days my practice could consist of 12 Sun Salutations and pranayama for example.

What does yoga mean to you ?

A journey on the way to discovering the state of union between my physical body, my mind and my spirit.

What changes have you noticed in your body since you practice yoga ?

There are many…

 …. In your mind and vision of life ?

The major change that I have experienced would probably be the improvement in my ability to ‘slow down’…by that I mean not to think too much about the future.

What is the key to a ‘good’ practice ?

I do not think there is such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ practice. However, there are two elements of the practice that I personally feel are important: will and effort. Where there is a true will – there is a way and where there is an effort – there is a progress.

As a teacher, what is important to you when you give a class ?

It depends on what type of class I am guiding.

What is (according to you) the true philosophy and meaning of yoga ?  

As I mentioned earlier, I feel that it is a journey and the understanding and meaning of yoga are constantly evolving together with practice.


How do you experience this philosophy ?

Through the practice, through making mistakes and learning from those.

How do you share it in your practice with a ‘student’ ?

I try to work with people by looking at each particular individual through the prism of empathy, without forcing to practice in a particular way (although from time to time I have to be strict J) but rather giving a person a choice .

What impact do you think yoga has on people in general ?  

It definitely makes the corners of your mouth lift up !

How can someone include yoga in their daily routine ?

How does someone include lunch or dinner in their daily routine ?

Can anyone do yoga ?

Absolutely !!!

Could you explain to me what a mantra is ?

For me, mantra serves as a tool to bring concentration to the ‘forever jumping from one thought to another mind’.

Could you tell me about how you use mantras and how they accompany the yoga practice ?

Practice of yoga does not stop when you step off your mat, the real practice happens when you are not on your mat – that is important to understand. Thus, mantra is a very broad concept (for example I consider a prayer to God as a mantra because it brings your mind to one place) .

Is there a question I didn’t ask you, that you would like to answer ?

Emmmm …. no I think it is fine


Special thank you to Catherine Lipinski and Sébastien Trân-Loustau for the photos.