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Sweatpants: A metaphor on relationships

He said, you look beautiful in these sweatpants. I’m so glad you’re wearing them. She said, thank you and blushed like a teenager.

As she was laying in bed, months later, silently thinking about the time they had spent together, she wondered if someone else was wearing the sweatpants now. She wondered if he looked at this new woman and thought she looked lovely in them. She envisionned her being complimented on how amazing her ass looks in them just like he had said to her.

…That’s the thing. These sweatpants were never meant for her in the first place. They were meant for his ex; the one he loved with all his heart. Their relationship ended before he could gift them to her. So, he wasn’t thinking about her when he bought them, they accidently through a series of events  called life, ended up on her hips.

So here she was, months later, wondering about these sweatpants and how many women would be embraced by them; how many women would wrap their beautiful bodies in them and feel the tender touch of the coton fabric.

It’s curious isnt’t it? One moment eternal, the next over. We share moments and then we don’t. Soon enough someone else will come along and light that spark, wear those sweatpants and so it goes. The show must go on. The land of forever seems like a distant dream, a mirage leading us into love only to say “ha ha got you, now I’m headed out”; reminding us the only truth is in the moment, right here, right now.

It could be sweatpants it could be something entirely different but there is always something we leave behind; a person, a moment, a memory, a piece of our heart… Whatever it is, we sometimes wonder who’s going to be next and who will take the spot that we had warmed up for weeks, months, years…

Are the sweatpants we’re wearing meant for us? Were they destined for us? Or did we accidently end up wearing them and loving them? Is someone else wearing the sweatpants now…?.