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When solitude meets loneliness

Do you ever feel so alone that you feel  your insides are being ripped apart?

Do you ever feel so alone that you just want to scream so loud but all that comes out is silence?

Do you ever feel that there isn’t one single person you could think of that might help this feeling go away?

That you look for the loneliest person you know so you feel someone understands..

To then realize that the loneliest person you know is you

And that you don’t even understand you.

I feel like nothing is real.

Everything is a composition.

Everyone is wired.

Everyone is cloned. 

We are living puppets.

Each one playing the role they’re born into.

But it’s just easier that way playing a role, rather than creating your own is easier.

Minds today are filled with superficialities, stupidities, and emptiness.

The world is filled with sadness, cruelty, and hatred.

I once believed goodness triumphs over evilness

But we have truly hit rock bottom

We have destroyed plants, animals, and humans in the most recreational ways

We are so bored that causing pain for our amusement has become our only entertainment.

The world does not belong to the human race.

Our hands destroy everything we touch.

Our touch comes with possession, the root of all evil.

Because without the need to own a land, an animal, a human

We only then would be able to coexist.

Don’t you understand that there is just the right amount for everyone?

Why do you need more?

Why do you need to destroy?

But I guess humans have destroyed what makes them humans.

So none of this makes sense to the world.

I want a different world, a sweeter world.