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‘She and He’ {Short Stories}

I began writing stories about she and he, characters I see so clearly in my mind and sometimes, the short stories represent real life events. Not necessarily my own, but inspired by events I hear from others and the stories they share. I believe when people share stories, lives change. When we share our hopes, our grief, our joys, our losses.. We find common ground and when we arrive there, I believe that’s what peace looks like. At least the beginning. So — I’ve been writing short love stories. Often times they brew and then come out in a rush. Sometimes, they’re my deepest truths and hopes for my life, and when inked, I feel them so much that tears come. Anyways – I wanted to share here. Spread love. Because I think we all need as much love as we are able to receive. Enjoy – xo

One day
Far down their life lines
They sat and looked out
I dreamt of you once, she said
Oh, he said
Yes, I remember you vividly, she said
You came for me
And unbeknownst to me
I was already for you
I woke up with my heart tender
Missing you – even though back then
I didn’t really see you
I was always for you too, he said
Always –
Even when I didn’t fully know it
She took his hand in hers
And they gazed in –
At all that was
And all that had been
And they both smiled

I remember the sun, she said
And how it seemed to kiss the sky with such a temper as it set
Oh, he replied, sounds familiar
I don’t prefer sleeping, she said
I have too much living to do

My wings were clipped, she said
And I know I allowed it
She spoke of hurt as soft tears rolled down her flushed cheeks
Well, he said
All I see are endless feathers
And every single one is yours
Maybe it’s time for you to fly again
She looked up and smiled
Knowing her flight would look different this time
It would look a lot like staying

Wake up, she said
Why, he mumbled
The sky is on fire, she shrieked
That’s just the sunrise, he scoffed
That’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, she said
He smiled and softened
You are joy, he said