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Tackling bullying in a fun therapeutic way.

Before being the adults we are today, we used to be kids. Some of us looked awkward, some of us had massive acnea, others lived through the 90’s fashion style and that left scars !

It seems that back then image was less important although it was still a cause for mockery and spitefulness on the playground.

I was bullied and I was also a bully ! I’ve experienced both sides of the situation and neither is glorious. When I first moved to France, I had an awkward boyish hairstyle and a sense of fashion that wasn’t trendy…

Most of us have experienced bullying. Whether it was first hand or not. Some of us were even the people on the other side, making people feel bad about themselves. Little did we know at the time, the damage that was being caused by our actions. Bullying is a very serious matter, many children suffer from it and commit irrepressible actions because of the pain and lack of hope they feel.

So how about making this serious matter a little more fun and accessible ? How about finding a way to give hope to kids who might not believe change will come…?

A site has done just that : http://awkwardyearsproject.tumblr.comMerilee Allred an american photographer imagined a free therapy : Pose, proudly holding « the witness picture » of the unattractive moment of our life in order to send out a positive message ! You were a nerd, a little chubby ? You will become a fashionista with long beautiful hair. This initiative has created a buzz in the USA where bullying is a very serious issue causing deaths throughout the country.

A little about Merilee :


I am a designer, letterer, and illustrator who has been in the industry since 2003. My work has been recognized throughout various mediums such as contests, the radio, and Time Magazine. The art I create is a combination of classy and clean aesthetics. I enjoy taking something broken, or not quite working, and making it look better than it was before. I always enjoy a new challenge and I love what I do. When I am not working or doing art, I enjoy a variety of things such as traveling, going to concerts, photography, baking, swimming, roller derby, watching movies, and discovering new and awesome music. I got married June 2014 and currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my chef husband and our two cats.

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If you would like to share your story with us whether you were bullied or a bully, we would like to hear your stories. Write to us : merakiconnectedsouls@gmail.com, share your story.

All photo credit : ©Merilee Allred