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The Ego Speaks Softly.

If you had to personify the ego, what would it look like?

Maybe a loud, gregarious man, dressed in an over-priced tuxedo. He waves his arms around while speaking of his own self-importance to anyone who will listen, selfishly encroaching on the auditory space of those who won’t… Or perhaps Ego is a business woman in killer stilettos, ordering her subordinates around with a menacing sneer. She goes out to dinner and cackles loudly with her well-to-do friends, while snapping her fingers at the waitress.

But what if the Ego hides?

What if Ego is a well-manned friend, who says “I’ve got your back”?

Smiling sweetly, she tells you her sole intention is to help you not appear foolish. “You are what people think of you”, she says quietly, tapping you on the shoulder.

Ego lives somewhere between comparison and judgement; measuring your self-worth with an ever-changing yardstick. First she’ll tell you it’s all about looks, then career, achievements, possessions…“Or maybe it’s your connections”, she ponders.

Ego meticulously re-evaluates the past, and frets for the future. She avoids the present moment, because in it, she ceases to exist.

Ego loves labels, and once said to me “Who are you now?” to which I replied, “I don’t know…I just am.” She smiled and shook her head, wandering off to find someone more important to talk to.

Sometimes, ego roars. But mostly, she whispers.

What will people think?