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Tiny Apartment {Poety}

The trees outside our window

Lush with leaves

Breeze on our curtains

Casting white silk sails

Light dressing our skin

We sprawl

Tangled in warm sunshine


This morning, last night, and the hours in between

You pull me close

You kiss my shoulder


The breeze chills my skin

You are warm and I move into you

You squeeze my hand


Breath in my hair

Kiss on my lips

I’m in love

With the way you want all of me

And I

Every inch of you


You fill mornings with old country songs

That stuff I never used to like

Twisting your arms around my hips

We dance

Rest your chin in my hair

Belting your favorite song

Until you stop and you say

“This time is ours”

Ever so casual

So confident



You make me want to put pen to paper

I find myself somewhere in between

Poetry and prose

Weaving words

Slow and symbolic

Romantic and rhythmic

Like nothing I’ve written before


I am my best version

More thoughtful

More mindful

More passionate


I’m in love

With tiny moments

While the city bustles and buzzes outside our window

We’re tucked away in our tiny apartment

Inhaling moments only you and I will ever breathe


Photo credit: Andre de freitas