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To My Soulmate

Deep inside of us, my darling star, there is a power waiting to be awakened. It is the power of forgiveness, connection, freedom and integrity. It is the power to confront our deepest fears. It is patient and knowing. We can only reach in and connect to it with an open heart of pure and implicit trust. It is our guiding light, our authentic self. It cannot be bartered, bent or controlled. It cannot be coerced, bribed, intimidated or swayed. It is to lay yourself bare to all existence,  and the only thing capable of true understanding and unity.


I believe we are meant to live honestly and unapologetically. It is possibly the bravest thing we can do with our lives. I am on a journey to see my soulmate FREE. I believe I am meant to embrace every aspect of them. Their heart, their scars, their wisdom, their silliness, their strength, their fragility, their courage, their darkness and their light. I will love them when they are lost in fear, harshness, pettiness and/ or stupidity until they find their way back to knowing and gentle forgiveness of themselves and others. I will love them in their shame until they are able to find the power of letting go. I will continue to love and be overjoyed at every step it has taken to get them to where they stand.  Their enchanting beauty has been crafted from a lifetime of harmony and discord. They’ve had a myriad of smiles dipped in starlight, flights of fancy, countless connections and falls from grace. They have experienced bottomless silos of empty rage, hard won victories, oceans of tears and devastating compassion. They are magnificent, dancing in twilight, choosing their steps with a diverse awareness that has been cultivated through numerous walks of life.

There are those who say life is about compromise and “working it out.” A while ago I would have agreed, but now I would argue otherwise. I have felt the terror that comes with having my path diverge from those I love, and the icy blade of panic cut through every fiber of my resolve.

« …I have known… FEAR… humbling STRENGTH…


and I KNOW true JOY… »

I have known fear born of longing and need. I know what it is to lose my sense of self when it is attached to another, and I understand being anxious of an unknown future. I have also been consumed with the shame and regret of bowing to such worries. Yet, I have experienced the healing tenderness of my own forgiveness and the gentle, humbling strength of those who have supported me without condition. I am profoundly altered and honored by these priceless gifts of pure acceptance, because of them I know true JOY.

Life is not about bending our will to suit that of another or changing who we are to please anyone other than ourselves. I have heard countless replays of those who lost who they were while reconstructing themselves to fit the demands of another. If my true self drives someone away it means they are suppose to go. You and I are on our own personal journeys to find and cultivate the beings we are meant to be. We are connected; however, we have each been tasked with our own path and life lessons. We live in love or fear. Mixed emotions and “gray areas” are when the two intertwine, and we are given the intricate task of untangling our motives and intentions.


Investing and being secure in my own guiding light allows me to embrace your journey without imposing my own fears. The most effective way to weed out those who are more distraction than inspiration is by always staying true to my authentic self and direction. If someone looks to impose their expectations on my path it is not love it is fear. If you are meant to walk with me our steps shall innately align. If they do not, then we are meant to love one another as we tread our different paths until they do. I am sure there are those that will compromise themselves and their direction to follow another. If you require such a thing, my arms are forever open to you and I will let you go in love. I will not give up my sense of self to placate the fear of loneliness. However, neither will I let anxieties of hurt or loss hold me back from diving into love with you. Pain and sadness are things we create within ourselves during the process of freeing our heart to align with our soul. I welcome them as the cleansing rituals they are so that I may purge and move forward. I chose to embrace life instead of building walls to block it out.


I believe in and celebrate you with every corner of my heart and soul. You are only for me to love and support, not to control. I will fight past all manner of the unknown and break myself open to help clear the path to your dreams. I will tear down mountains, stand against giants and I will slay demons (especially my own) for you. I will bleed for you, for me. I will stand in love.


You are allowed your fears. I will be here to support you whether you yield to them or not. However, I will not let them hold me back from supporting your path or following my own. I believe we are meant for more in this world than cowering under the pressures of it. We are soulmates; however, you do not answer to me. I will accept your choices with grace and understanding. They are reflections of your life, not mine. My role is not to judge you, but to love you as you are and empower you to reach for your dreams regardless of how you go about achieving them. You cannot shame me. My love for you is never limited by expectation, circumstance, contracts, distance, return or restitution. It has no beginning or end. It is not the fabricated love of rom-coms or fairytales of ownership. It is not need born from lack of self. It is honest and unconditional acceptance. It is the promise that I will see you in your glory and your shame, and I will stand by you through all of it. I will not seek to cripple you for my own selfish and short-sighted need to be needed. I will lend you my strength only as a means to an end where you are able to find your own. You are so breathtakingly beautiful and strong. Your power reaches further than you can imagine. I am with you, and I have faith in every step you take.


Together we are a force able to master the universe, and individually we are no less indomitable. We are to be Titans my darling star. I promise you this: in fearless love awaits the truths to the secrets of life. We will fly and crash until we learn to soar so high that we will dance among the cosmos. I BELIEVE in you, and I am always by your side.

I love you,