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To the Brave Heart Who Loves the One I Love

Hi. I am Gi, and I love you.

Nothing fancy or complicated as most would expect. Just simple and kind intention.

With a gentle and grateful heart, I love you.

I may not even know you very well, but you make my heart sing every time you love the one we love.

I love you.

For all the amazing things you are and the wonder, care and courage you inspire. I am deeply thankful for all the sweet affection and comfort you give with a steady and open heart.

I love you.

For being vulnerable and brave with the one we love and sharing your strength and beauty with them.

I love you

For all the growing pains and lessons you learn together as you both work to become more loving and aware individuals.

I love you.

For believing in love and doing your best to be open in a world full of so much fear, misunderstanding and ugliness.

I love you.

For the flame of hope and goodness you keep burning inside you. You are gorgeous and I know you are incredible. How else could your beauty and love shine through so intensely that even I can feel the warmth of your light?

I love you for you.

With no expectation, need or excuse…

I love you,