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…to travel far, far

… to travel far, far – and that first morning’s awakening under a new sky! And to find oneself in it- no, to discover more of oneself there. To experience there, too, where one has never been before, one’s own continuity of being and, at the same time, to feel that something in your heart, somehow indigenous to this new land, is coming to life from the moment of your arrival. You feel your blood infused with some new intelligence, wondrously nourished by things you had no way of knowing… – Rainer Maria Rilke

Its a tingly feeling that comes over me each time before I pack my bags heading to a new place.

This time in particular – packing wasn’t that easy, there were lots of ups and downs involved.

Going away means leaving the comfort zone behind, getting a bit lost and finally arriving somewhere.

I was living on my own for the last year. I never did that before and it was a complete new feeling for me. I learned a lot about myself and had to confront myself with some nasty fears.

After all this month I invited my dear friend to visit me. And what came then was completely unexpected. I honestly had problems to let her into my life. Let her enter into my space. My little cave and hideaway. We spoke almost daily on the phone, but its a complete other story to let someone live with you for sometime.

I was shocked as I consider myself as a very social and welcoming open person. But well, I was far from it at least on the inside. Before she came we also decided to go to Italy as she had never been there before.

All I felt the first days was wanting to be on my own, resting and sleeping.

Its been a while being just on my own and not taking care of my little one. But as always life throws its best lessons without any warning into your face. I felt a lot of resistance and I knew I had to let go and come back to the flow again, but how?

Then the other morning I woke up and realized what I needed was to jump, kicking my ass and make that leap of faith. Letting my identification of “me” needing so much personal space behind me. We all have our comfort zone where we feel safe and warm but… this is not where the magic happens. To experience life and get nourished by it we need to leave our comfort zone behind. Its a bit like relaxing into groundlessness, just trusting into life and its beauty.

We booked and packed and very early the next day we were sitting in the train heading to Italy – and there it was again this tingly feeling of excitement, rushing through my body, not knowing what to expect.

As soon as we left the train the pulsating vibe of this huge town swallowed us. Hundreds of people like heaving waves flushed us down to the metro. My Italian skills have seen better times but by using our hands and feet and a huge smile we made it through the underground labyrinth and were spat out at the right stop. Somehow we found our way and landed in this welcoming, lovely, little apartment we booked.

Later that day after we strolled around the city. We found ourselves outside a beautiful little Italian ristorante next to the only river flowing through town, waiting to be seated, enjoying the sunset and watching a colourful mixture of people. They walk differently, they laugh differently and they dress in a different way. Pure zest of life… Like an explosion of colours and smells sounds and vibes opening up all senses. A gateway to the very present moment – all I needed to do was to sit and listen and marvel at the beauty life was offering in each and every moment.

And there I sat in the middle of all this, feeling thankful and happy. I was back to my flow.

Let’s step out of our comfort zone and explore new land – a land of new hopes, new possibilities. Let’ walk with eyes wide open – looking up at the vastness of the sky, taking a deep breath – the gateway to the present moment is everywhere.

I can be a lonely wolf sometimes and get a bit stuck in my comfort zone but each time life slams its beauty at my front door and when I open up and step out the reward is huge. Standing up and stepping out helps me to grow and travelling is one of the most beautiful ways to do so.