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Travel moves me.

My friends laugh at me when I tell them how fascinating I think planes are.

It is so amazing to wake up in one place and go to sleep in another. It is truly mind boggling to think that for some odd hours we’re actually in the SKY. Can you believe it ? Millions of us have our heads in the clouds everyday  metaphorically and literally.

When we’re on the ground looking up, we see the clouds, analyze them…and suddenly we’re flying amongst them. Life is really a matter of perspective! I guess as human beings we get used to everything. In the end everything becomes “normal” almost boring….

Somehow after 20 years of travelling I still find the act of travel quite extraordinary. How does one’s mind even get around the fact that we can be in Paris and then six hours later in New York in an entirely different world within the world. Different realities intertwine. We enter an entirely new “society” with different rules, yet we share the same planet and we are fellow Humans. We discover new cultures, new faces, news smells, new architecture…That is the beauty of life. Reality is just that. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s the sum of our experiences and perspective. We change when we travel. We look at things differently. Our experience of time changes…

It still fascinates me to think that while I’m sitting here typing this on my computer, that’s it’s 10pm in India and someone is doing something entirely different. It’s crazy to think that while I’ve been up for more than 9 hours, some people are just waking up to a new day. Fascinating to think Australians always celebrates New Years before I do, yet we share the same amount of time, the same planet…

It also gives me hope to believe that we can reinvent our lives endlessly if we have the courage to do so. Travelling is more than just taking the plane and going somewhere exotic. It’s giving ourselves the opportunity to live differently, to show ourselves that other realities exist and that they’re at our fingertips if we want them.

I’m also very aware of the extreme privilege of being able to travel. Millions of people can’t afford to travel. It still is a privilege. I was in Cuba last year, on an outbound flight. Most Cubans have never been outside their island. This one man in his mid 40’s was sitting next to me. He seemed super cool, so I just started talking to him. It was his first plane ride ever. He was terrified when we took off but excited at the same time. I looked at him with compassion and love while he stared out the window of the plane for the first time. It was like witnessing the first steps of a new born baby. He was finally seeing the clouds as equals. They were no longer distant and unattainable. Everything was possible. That moved me. Travel moves me….