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The infatuation of the unknown

Is within all of us

From a single grain of sand

Perhaps partially half

Then again incredibly immense

That It takes hold

Becoming a mask

There’s a reason that

We sometimes want what

We think it is rather perceived or real

That we do not have

No matter how

Minute it may seem to be

Even if it’s only a feeling

If you don’t have it

It adds allure and the air of mystery

Which can be appealing

Mainly on the surface

From a window perspective

The simplistic compared to

All of your complications within

Places you’d swear no one else has ever been

Mostly because it’s hard for you yourself to fully comprehend

Almost anything that we don’t have

Even when felt through are own perspective especially

Turns out being something so hallow

That no matter how scary

Excites the rebel within

Then comes a quick release

Like a masochistic addiction

Your playing fast and loose with this chasing of truth

There goes any and all the hope

Because you stopped chasing whatever it really is

Your just running now because it

Happens to be the easiest

Bathing in the darkness

Risking it all to just pretend

Growth begins to slip into some long and painful death

The only real power that you have is that of choice

So choose you

Dive into the emersion of your potential

Let go of whatever your past defense mechanism might have been

Accept and embrace your own brand of authenticity

Your soul and your heart are utterly resilient

Your worth has magical resurgence

There are superpowers attached to the all encompassing

Belief of the mantra that you positively repeat

You’ve got this

After all you’ve already gotten this Far

Past things you assumed to once be unfathomable

Just remind yourself and remember that

Whatever blur you’ve fell into will pass

Logically speaking the only constant is change

Remember that you indeed do GOT THIS


Photo credit : Sky