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Wet Kisses.

There is something wonderfully warm about hot tears pouring down your cheeks.

The tears that come unchecked, uncontrolled, welling up like a dam released. Full, wet and warm and so unlike the emotions that cause them. In those tears you can find comfort, a certain sensuality of letting go. A comfort in not frantically rubbing your eyes trying to erase all traces and streaks that are proof you are a living, feeling being. There is a comfort in just letting yourself cry. Instead of crawling into a ball, a foetus, a regression into helplessness, open your body, lie exposed, arms spread, heart open and cry. Let the sobs rack through your body because life isn’t always easy and crying gives the downs the recognition they deserve. The sobs are all the complications you’ve held inside, the thoughts that make your voice tight and your replies curt. Your cries are shaking you awake from this stupor you’ve been walking around in. So let yourself cry, and as you do, maybe you will find that the warmth of your tears are just wet kisses on your cheek. Wet kisses from that part of you that refuses to be hardened, dried and dead, wet kisses from life.