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Postcard Poems : Montana Stanzas.

This is the first collaboration for This is Our Montana.


Please find us on Instagram Autumn Toennis and Morgan Gemay

We began this project in October, sending stanzas between us on the backs of Montana scenes.

We truly live in a spectacular state filled with awesome souls and we are looking forward to sharing our passions and words with you.


Postcard poems in full below:

I am in a holy war
of hands –
of words that see and
eyes that sing
questions with
tucked between
the notes.
Hands that I desire
with a maddening
and hands I once knew
the familiar stronghold
locked down
and dust covered.
Where do my fingers go
from here – with their bee
stung tips from guitar
strings? When are they
allowed resonance
against skin
again –
I met someone –
and I wanted to write
it all down
but remembered these
pages were for our
and my hands so
willingly wrote it then
Betraying me now –
as they scrawl the
start of another.