In the deepest part of my soul there is a song of a fearless life, love, acceptance, and freedom. It sings out to nothing, no one, everyone, and everything. Breathing in dark majesty and unrestricted existence while exhaling calm understanding and sincere grace. On the razor edge of fear and pain I craft my will. I find my soul…

Gi is a free spirit gliding on azure currents under the salt spray skies of the Caribbean. Biased towards roads less traveled, her life usually exists outside most comfort zones. She embodies an eclectic mix of island style excitement, gentle acceptance & passionate connection cultivated by an open and honest exploration of life.


Why We Matter

The other day my love asked me of life’s purpose. If everything…

To the Brave Heart Who Loves the One I Love

Nothing fancy or complicated as most would expect. Just simple and kind intention.

Do I Miss You?

I love you! I must miss you! I must be aching for you to come back, right?

The Joy of Letting Go

How others conduct themselves does not dictate the type of person that I am.


Beauty and love are all around us and within us. I am…


I felt the wind blow through my veins and welcomed the stinging rain, its pinpricks arousing my skin. The raw elements called awake the storm living deep within me.

6 Promises to Set You Free & Discover True Love

“With fear, possessiveness enters the picture, then jealousy rears its ugly head….


Every day those around me seem to be becoming increasingly aware of…


In the deepest part of me there is a song of fearless life, love, acceptance, and freedom.


Why does it often seem  hardest thing in the world for us…

To My Soulmate

Deep inside of us, my darling star, there is a power waiting…