Helene loves to write. She loves to write about her inner feelings, thoughts, her growth. She loves exploring life even though she doesn’t know where she is going for the most part.

Helene grew up in France, which interestingly, she never felt she belonged to. She didn’t know how it felt to feel at home, until she moved to Los Angeles, CA. She fell in love with the sun and hasn’t been able to let go. She discovered Agape Spiritual Center, which she defines as one of her soul homes. She doesn’t do well with routine, with mundane things, with the typical social settings. Randomness describes her well. She is random in her comments, her jokes, her stories, her laughs and what she enjoys. She loves books, but stays minimalist for the most part. Oh, and she is an Aries and it matters!

She writes, because…it feels right. After being in the corporate world for several years, she took the leap and a chance to maybe meet her life purpose.