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#12: Sending Love through the darkness.

Over the past few weeks I have been struggling with what to write here on Meraki.

It hasn’t been due to lack of ideas, but rather, a lack of light to bring those ideas to life before your eyes within my words. You see, over these past few weeks I have been battling my own demons and have found myself shrouded in a darkness that I could not shake. I did not want the darkness that was surrounding me be transmitted into my words.

I seek to lift you up here.

I seek to inspire you here.

I seek to show you light here.

I simply could not do those things as of late. I was on a phone call with my dear friend, soul sister, and fellow Meraki writer Morgan and she spoke so soothingly to ease me in my time of pain, but then reminded me that Meraki is a place for my words and my feelings and my thoughts regardless of whether they are writhing in pain or not.

I chose not to write a piece about my darkness, but rather a piece about acknowledging it and not allowing it to keep you from things you are passionate about. To not have power over you to where it can silence your words.

I also told Morgan that I never wanted to provide a piece without a silver lining, but perhaps the silver lining in this piece is that I still have the strength to believe that one exists and is simply waiting for the opportune time to reveal itself.

Sending love through the darkness,