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#5: Shedding like Leaves

Last night I awoke gasping for air, wondering, wondering, how could this be fair?

This morning I awoke with a chill in my bones that was so strong it travelled through my soul.

This afternoon I sat in a chair and in a room full of people felt like I was the only one there.

Now here I lie, sobbing on the cold bathroom floor wishing, wishing, summer could be here once more.

Once I stop for just a moment to slow my breath, I remember Autumn is not a season of rest. Autumn is where the leaves change colors, wither, and die; but this death does not mean silence it shouts for change, for adaptation, for growth. This is the season where we must let go, to grow.

I have really struggled this year, to adapt to the changing of the seasons and what that means for me as an individual. It’s this time of the year where my depression spikes to an almost unbearable peak that makes me want to go into hibernation… This year, I have decided to shed my leaves after they have withered and died and focus on reflection, so I can in turn, be ready and better than ever when it is time to bloom in the Spring.