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#9: All of the Clutter.

I think the clutter in my life is in direct correlation with the amount of clutter in my mind.

Or, rather the amount of clutter in my mind is in direct correlation with the clutter in my life. I’ve gone through a lot of changes in the last week. I returned to work early after being on leave for a minor surgery, started working more hours, started training in a new department, and taking on new responsibilities.

All of these changes have lead to a small, yet much-needed change in my mental health regiment.

Taking on new opportunities heads on has never been a question for me, but sometimes it’s easy to forget in the moment that every decision I make affects my mental health. It’s not that any of my new opportunities were a bad decision, it’s just that I had to take a moment and realize which areas of my life I needed to adjust to accommodate them.

In the last week I have made the following adjustments to better my mental health: Find a disconnect from everything one hour before bed, when unable to sleep do not use any electronics to console restlessness, drink 40 more ounces of water a day (putting me at about 100 ounces), and last, but not least, journaling once a day to just help me work out things that might have discouraged me throughout the day.

Once I made those minor adjustments, the clutter in my mind significantly decreased; thus allowing the clutter in my life to do the same.

Ask yourself: What is cluttering my life? Are there any adjustments or precautions I need to be taking?

We could all benefit with a little more room to breathe.