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#10: Ten things Meraki has brought to my life.

This is my tenth post on Meraki and I wanted to use this as an opportunity to write down the ten things Meraki has brought to my life and why I am thankful for those things.


  1. Meraki has connected me with a greater understanding and appreciation of my own soul. This has allowed me to be more transparent within my writing, my readers, and above all myself.
  1. During my first month writing for Meraki, the theme was Compassion. Four consecutive weeks of writing about compassion taught me more about how to let go of my past than I ever thought it would. (Visit Tea’s Tips #4 to see what I mean.)
  1. In the time I have spent writing for Meraki I have explored self-doubt, and what it’s like to pursue your dreams despite it. (Visit Tea’s Tips #6 to read my thoughts on the subject.) Writing that post reminded me in my own time of doubt, why it is so important to keep dreaming.
  1. Meraki has really helped me process how seasonal weather affects my depression this year. I’ve written a few pieces about how difficult it is for me to keep going, but why I keep pushing forward, and how I keep pushing forward and that has really benefited my mental and emotional health in the long run.
  1. Writing for Meraki encourages me to continuously be aware of my own self-perception and when I wrote about it (Tea’s Tips #7) where I was struggling with my own perception of beauty, being honest about where I was at, at that specific time in my life was such a relief. Keeping all of that emotion bottled up and suppressed was not helping me and once I wrote about it, I started letting down my walls and truly starting to heal.
  1. A few weeks ago I wrote a post inspired by a quote I found from Rosa Parks (visit Tea’s Tips #8 to check it out) about wounds. Writing for Meraki really helps me evolve as an individual and notice things about myself that I might not have before. When I found the quote from Rosa Parks, I started writing an article from the view point of using my past to help others, but what wound up happening was as I continued to write, I realized I was still rubbing salt in my own wounds too. It was time to let go. Rinse and move on.
  1. In my last piece I discussed clutter. It’s not often that writing for a website and blogging about what you’re going through can help you actively improve certain areas of your life. When preparing for writing that piece I thought about all of the things I still needed to work on and by the time it was published I was determined to continue using real life examples of areas of growth in future articles and that has definitely helped me refine certain areas of my life.
  1. Aside from publishing writing of my own on Meraki, I have been able to read beautiful pieces written by so many other genuine souls. Words have the power to do many things, but the major two include the ability to destroy, or to heal. I like to see all of us as healers. We share our experiences, whether joyful, or things we have survived over the years and allow others to grow and learn from those experiences. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the honor to be a part of.
  1. Writing for Meraki also brought me the honor of working alongside its creator Lils and my soul sister Morgan. I don’t know where I would be without these incredible women who continue to make me want to be a better person. I could not be more grateful for the impact they have had on my life thus far.
  1. The greatest thing Meraki has brought into my life is you. You the reader, whether you write for Meraki and have just stumbled upon a piece that I have written, or you are just a passionate reader who appreciates the site. You have given me a voice and continue to inspire me to share that voice everyday. Whether you have gained something from my posts thus far, or not; I am grateful for you having taken the time to read them.