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Anais. Actress, scriptwriter & director.

Anais Aidoud is a fun & energetic young woman; simultaneously an actress, director and scriptwriter based in Paris.

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Her creative adventure started out when she met Jean Yves Lafesse (renowned french comic) randomnly. He introduced her to the industry. Through him, she met Philippe Peyran Lacroix, the first stage director she worked with. Then, she integrated the Laboratoire de l’Acteur where she wrote her first skit about Greek mythology with a Quebec accent.

After that, she created her own web series “Bréves de Pétasses” with her cousin, produced by Dim Sum Academy. She also did a casting for Canal + ‘s weather report; she wrote a lot of texts for them.

At the moment, she’s working on a “fiction” documentary about famous french actor Daniel Auteuil’s life. Two episodes are currenty available on internet.

She loves bringing to life all the ideas she pencils into her various notebooks. When she directed her first short movie “Seule et Accompagnée” (Alone and accompanied), she could visualize what she had written. She directed actors that she loves and had already acted with. They all played along.

Being helped by a team, seeing my words come to life, it’s magic!

Anais is your typical extrovert. She’s super tall and her friends call her “the clown”. When she’s down, people have a hard time believing it. She’s lived on L’île Saint Louis in Paris for the past two years.

It’s a village, everyone knows everyone. It has a reassuring side to it. I love going out to have a coffee with my neighbours.

None of her days are the same. Sometimes she writes, sometimes she watches movies. Other times, she helps out a close friend at The Big Gallery at le village Saint Paul. She finds the place very inspiring and loves meeting artists.

Her top 3 habits?


Laughing with friends


Family and friends are very important to her. She feels strongly about domestic violence and would like to see it end. She has no advice to give to people except “do what you love!”

I wasn’t a good student but since I started doing what I love, I work 3 times harder and get results. I don’t regret giving up on higher education!

As usual, we’ll leave you with a favourite quote:

“It’s better to be intelligent rather than right.”

(translated from french: Il vaut mieux être intelligent qu’avoir raison)


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