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Anushka. Professional Photographer & DJ

Anushka Menon is a Delhi based professional photographer and DJ. She’s part of this growing tribe of women juggling multiple professions successfully.

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She studied Art Design & Communication in Melbourne (Australia). That’s where she fell in love with the camera. Parallely, Anushka has always been a dancer who loves music; so it was very clear that making music would also be a part of her life.She’s been a professional photographer for ten years and absolutely loves what she does. She enjoys the challenge of living a creative life.

I love the challenges, being able to stay creative is not easy especially when under pressure… I love the travel it involves and the fact that i get to meet amazing people and work with great talent.

Anushka describes herself as “playful and edgy” with a “conservative” side when she’s with strangers. With her close circle she’s “open and honest“. She’s a hardworker and likes to learn new things.

I enjoy working hard and don’t believe things come easy! I like to constantly learn new things that excite me and make me want to better myself.

She does admit not knowing “too many women” in India in fashion photography. It is still very much a man’s world.

I dont know too many women here in India in fashion photography but i do know its not the norm and so sometimes i feel we are perceived with apprehension. We really have to prove ourselves time and time again to be accepted.

She lives in Delhi but travels back and forth to Mumbai for work. What she loves about Delhi? The space it has to offer and the fact that it does have seasons!

Like most creatives Anushka’s daily routine varies a lot. When she’s not shooting it’s a nice cup of coffee to start the day, then either yoga or a personal training session. Then she sits and works on her computer wrapping up some work. She also runs an organisation called Puppy Love Delhi with some friends so she usually does that in the afternoons. After all of that, she spends time on her music, making food or meeting friends. Puppy Love Delhi neuters, feeds and vaccinates street dogs. She’s passionate about animal wellfare.

Her top 3 habits?


Working out

Trying new things

What’s important to her? It’s pretty straight forward;

Being Happy

Her advice to other women out there?

Follow your heart and trust your instincts – work hard and stay fit.

As always we’ll wrap up with our interviewee’s favourite quote:

“Not all those who wander are lost”.

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Instagram : @anushkaagent / @anushkam


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