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Natasha. Fashion Merchandiser & Street Style Blogger

Natasha Adnani is a thoroughbred Mumbaikar. She’s a merchandiser for a fashion acessory label. It’s still in the start-up phase so we’ll keep the secrecy! Parrallely she’s also working on a street style blog with a friend.

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Natasha is a trained jewellery designer and gemologist. Before making the switch to fashion jewellery she worked in the fine jewellery market for a year. She loves gold and gems but finds more stimulation in fashion jewellery. It is after all ever changing and the variety of products are limitless. Natasha is our kind of girl. The type that follows her heart. She’s not close minded regarding her carreer. Right now, this is where she is, tomorrow it might be something else.

What she loves about her job?  Basically making people happy!

The thought of a girl opening a pretty box, with a twinkle in her eyes; putting something shiny on; looking at herself in the mirror with the biggest smile on her face! The thought makes me happy!

When she’s out sourcing Natasha always remembers she is not shopping for herself but for a thousand girls. It asks for great understanding of the end customer throughout India. She has to keep in mind the contrasting cultures and lifestyles that make India. It’s a never ending learning process.

It is this challenge that’s so exhilarating! I can’t wait for our website to launch and reach out to as many girls as we can!!

Natasha is an introspective woman. She sees herself as someone who is in constant change, evolving, growing with what she learns every day. More and more girls in India are getting involved in the fashion and accessories market. Most people have very pre-conceived notions of the market: superficial, competitive… But for her, it’s not just about creating pretty things and strutting around in high heels. It involves a great deal of sharp thinking and calculative decisions.

The success of other women has inspired her.

I think we’ve gotten to a point where coffee dates with the girls involve more than just relationship banter and wardrobe crisis 😉

As a true Mumbaikar, Natasha is absolutely in love with the chaotic city. When asked what she likes about the city her answer is, too many things! The black and yellow taxis, the street food, the astounding sight of a herd of cows causing a traffic jam, the colorful posters that ‘adorn’ our streets.

There is just a sense of calm I find in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, and it’s a feeling like no other!

Her typical day?  When she doesn’t have yoga she sleeps an extra hour in the morning (she’s trying to change that, it’s work in progress). She has a hearty breakfast, cup of coffee and heads out to work. On her 45 minutes ride to work she listens to the radio.

I have befriended many RJs in my head and really look forward to spending my alone time with them.

As soon as she gets to the office she gets into work. Lunch breaks are dedicated to the team, they have lunch together and make a potluck out of it. After work, she generally heads home and has a family dinner. She throws in some alone time before sleep. And voila, 24 hours have gone by.

I dedicate at least an hour to myself to read, catch up on some blogs I follow and meditate before I go to sleep.

Natasha starts and ends her day with buddhist chanting. She doesn’t go to bed without a hot, relaxing shower with some rock salt. And she usually takes an aimless mid-week drive to catch up with friends.

Her advice to other women is straight-forward:

Don’t look at challenges as a hindrance to where you want to get. Look at them as an opportunity for self-growth; because the only thing setting boundaries on ourselves is our own mind. Look beyond your insecurities and inhibitions. There is a world of abundance waiting there for all of us!

 What’s important? Compassion!

Compassion to oneself and compassion to every single person you come across in your day.

She believes in Human revolution through self inquiry.

I think if each one of us takes up the responsibility of monitoring our own thoughts, actions and words in a way that will make us value-creating individuals in our society; it will definitely lead to a happier environment for all of us.

As always we end this interview with a favourite quote. It is as inspiring as Natasha!

“As you walk, and eat, and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will most of your life.” -Buddha