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Nikkii. Professional Golfer & certified coach

Nikkii Ponappa is a vibrant soul from Bangalore. This lady is a pro golfer and certified coach. In the land of cricket, where womens sports are so often pushed to the sidelines, she is an example. Hopefully her story will inspire other women (and men) to pursue their passion for sports.

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Golf is Nikki’s profession but it’s far more than just that. It’s something she has fun doing. At the end of the day, that’s what really counts. She is a straight to the point kind of women. Hence this piece won’t be very long because her answers to the interview questions were short and to the point.

As a kid, Nikki always wanted to be a sports person. Her desire was so strong that the “Universe” supported her in that quest. Today she happily lives her life as a “sports person”, showing other women the way forward. Through the practice of this sport she discovered her own form of spirituality.

Golfing, be it playing the sport or training for it or coaching it, is very Spiritual for me – it’s taught me “Nothing is permanent “ and “we have to be in the NOW of things”.

Unfortunately, women in sports are not taken seriously. This doesn’t just apply to golf, in any sports by and large. They are perceived as not good enough. That doesn’t stop Nikki from doing what she does, moving forward with her life feeling happy, grateful and loving every moment of it.

She spends her time between Coorg and Bangalore and loves it.

I love everything about Coorg- its natural habitat, its culture ,its food ,its music and about Bangalore – I love the weather !! and my flat. Its my temple of peace and love !!

Her typical day?  Wakes up at 5am, runs, has breakfast, goes to the gym, then heads to the golf course, then home for lunch. She rests, goes back to the course to either practice, coach or play. Once she gets back from that, she has a shower, eats a bowl of fruit, listens to music. After that it’s either, head out if she has to or invite friends over for meals, good conversations and catching up. She meditates and sleeps. Next day. Repeat.

Her top 3 habits? Make Coffee first thing in the morning. Music – love listening to it when she cooks. She has a sleep ritual !!

Nikki is clearly a grounded person and she has managed to  establish a routine like most professional sports people. This allows her to stay focussed and healthy. Although very passionate about what she does, Nikki still sees family and friends as what is truly important to her…oh and avocado too. Yes, Nikki has a special love for avocado. Maybe we can cover that in another interview.

On top of being a sports woman and a good friend, Nikki is also very passionnate about animals and nature in general. The other thing she holds closely to her heart? Helping people get Fitter (Mind, Body and Soul).

Her advice to other women out there?

Be Free- Be true -Be Love

To end this interview I’ll leave you with a quote that pretty much summarizes Nikki’s vibe.

“The Happiest people don’t have everything but make the best of everything “


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