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Shai. CEO of Wild Sister Magazine.

Shai Bearden is an inspiring soul and CEO of Wild Sister Magazine; a revolutionary e-mag and global sisterhood of women who rock at life.

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She started out on this adventure as a a member of the Wild Sisterhood. At the time, she already knew the blogging community;  as a Top 10 Eco-Friendly Mom blogger. She was already big into activism. Shai was also, at the time in an emotionally abusive marriage and suffering from depression.
The Wild Sisterhood saved me and, over the years, I grew to be an increasingly larger part of it until, one day, it was mine. Wild Sister has been my home for many years.
Through her job, she’s able to create inspiration for other women and she loves it. She gets to spend her days motivating women to follow their bliss, love themselves and change the world. Who wouldn’t love doing that? 
Shai knows what she’s talking about and that makes her mission all the more authentic. Wild Sister is a melting pot of sisters from all over the world; all ages, backgrounds and different points of their life journeys.
I was in such an empty place for so many years, and knowing I can help bring women out of that and learn to love themselves makes the tedious stuff more than worth it.
Shai feels very split as a person. She has Aspergers, so a part of her is very logical and business oriented.
That’s actually part of the reason I ended up working with Wild Sister…I’m really good with the marketing, social media, and business-y side of things. The other part of me is a raging spiritual hippie. If I could spend all day with my crystals and guided meditations, I would. I went to college for philosophy because I love to think, and explore theories, religions, and spirituality. I am also highly intuitive in the clairsentient sense.
It’s beautiful to witness her love for what she does. And like anyone who loves their job, she doesn’t care what the outside world thinks. Shai lives in Dallas, Georgia, which is west of Atlanta. She’s not fond of where she lives, it’s a little backwoods. She does however love the fact that it’s tiny.
There’s a hill at an intersection just up the street from me, and when you drive over it you can see the Atlanta skyline. It’s the perfect blend of peaceful country and city.
So what does Shai’s typical day look like? You might wonder.
She gets up in the morning, takes her kids to school. Then she either heads to the gym or comes home to make herself some herbal tea. Once she’s done, it’s work time!
Because ‘work’ is mostly a lot of fun and sisterhood-type stuff online, I often work while cuddled up in bed with my husband, or watching something on Netflix. One thing I adore about working for myself is that my schedule is whatever I make it. If I need a breather or just want to go lay under a tree with my husband and read, I can do exactly that.
Her top 3 habits ?
#1 (probably the cuttest) : She reads in bed with her husband almost every night.
Not only does this help us get sleepy, but it’s amazing cuddle time AND I know I’m getting some reading in. I have a reading goal for the year, so this keeps me on track.
#2: She drinks hearbal tea, all day everyday.
#3: She does something to work ON her business and not IN it, every day.
This means I take a step out of the daily work I have to do to keep it running, and do something to help it grow or become better.
Shai is big on rawness, and reallness. She appreciates transparency.
Experiencing life and witnessing other people experience the journey is one of her favourite things in the world. When asked what causes shes passionate about, here’s what she has to say:
I’m pretty sure activism is coded into my DNA somewhere. I worked for several years with a well-known anti-nukes organization. Nuclear Disarmament, environmentalism, and especially water rights are hot button topics for me. Very few things get me riled up like talks of nuclear weapons or Nestle. Dear Lord, don’t get me started on Nestle. lol.
Wild Sister, supports organizations such as She’s the First, which provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries, fostering first-generation graduates and cultivating the next generation of global leaders.They also have a KIVA lending team.
Her advice to women out there?
I want every woman out there to know that they are a beautiful soul, inside and out. Wherever they are right now is where they are meant to be in their journey – learn what you can in this moment, and grow from it. You never know where it will lead you.

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As always I’
ll leave you with the interviewee’s favourite quote:

“To the stars on the wings of a pig”

Steinbeck signed all of his letters and the insides of his books with a little picture of a pigasus (a pig with wings) and the Greek phrase ‘Ad Astra Per Alia Porci’, which means ‘to the stars on the wings of a pig’. He described himself as earthbound, but aspiring. I’ve always loved that thought, and the pigasus.